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5 EXERCISES FOR KIDS & TEENS fitkids.kiana.com

5 Basic Exercises Every Kid & Teen Should Learn


Kids & Teens Start Exercising Now Yeah! Why? You’ll be stronger, more confident, perform in sports much better Yes! It’s safe for all ages to learn proper form.  Use little or no weight to start. Fit Mom, Ann, brings her grandson to the eGym.  He has become a little Fit Kid, getting the play weights […]

Exercise with your Fit Family Online

Fit Kids Exercise: Super Hero Squats


Want a fun way to get Super Hero Fit? Try Partner Squats! Grab your mom, dad, sister, brother or friend and try this fun exercise! How to do them: Stand facing each other, feet hip width, holding hands.  Pull your shoulder blades back and down, abs tight. Smile! The move: Moving together, slowly squat down […]


3 Basic Exercises for Kids & Teens


  Plank Strengthen your core, shoulders and abdominal muscles. All ages can learn to do this exercise. It’s surprising how many adults do not do a correct Plank.  The way to start is on your knees, tight tummy. It’s okay for your bottom to be up slightly if you are just starting out.  As your […]

FitKids.FitMomTV.com Basketball Exercises

Fit Kids TV: Basketball Exercises


I am so proud of my daughter, Anelalani. She is only 11 and made the Boys Basketball Team this Summer. We thought it would be fun to show you some of the strength training exercises I have her do to help improve her strength. Enjoy! Other Fit Kids Like:5 Basic Exercises Every Kid & Teen […]