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Teach them Young

Inspire your child to love fitness at a young age

  • After School Programs

    After School Programs

    Coming this Fall! Fit Kids after school programs! It's a fun way to make friends with other active kids, learn healthy habits & improve self esteem! Our Fit Kids After School Programs motivate your kid(s) to love health and fitness at a young age! They will make and eat fun & healthy snacks, create fitness inspired crafts, improve strength with body weight exercises and develop agility with obstacle courses. Sign up for our Newsletter for priority notice on all programs.

  • Fit Kids Camps

    Fit Kids Camps

    Fun & challenging boot camp style workouts to strengthen the core & major muscle groups. Kids & Teens use professional gear including: Battling Ropes, Hurdles, Sandbags, Pull Ups Bars, Agility Ladders. Improve endurance, coordination & overall fitness level with jogging, jumping, sprinting, body weight exercises, obstacle courses, agility drills. Now Online Too!

  • Sports Specific Programs

    Sports Specific Programs

    You asked for it, you got it! AYSO requested Soccer Specific Workouts! Here you go! Get the upper edge and improve athletic performance, power and strength. Professionally designed programs include: Strength training to improve overall muscle strength. Core training to improve balance & stability. Agility drills to increase reaction, change of direction, overall coordination & timing. Speed & Reverse Speed Drills. Plyometrics to develop muscle speed & power.