Fit Teens Snapchat: EZ Cooking Video – Tofu Stir Fry (So easy, even a 13 year old can make it!)

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14 Healthy Snacks for Your Fit Kids to Make & Eat


If they help make it, they will eat it. Fun to Make, Fun to Eat Inspire your children to love healthy foods at a young age. I shot myself in the foot. With my first child, I shot myself in the foot. Meaning, because she was my first baby, I did anything and everything for […]

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Make Your Own Naturally Flavored Water


My daughter’s favorite drink bottle to take to school, sports, anywhere. They LOVE this! They love to fill the cartridge with their favorite fruit, freeze it and then put it in the water bottle to watch the water turn color of the fruit as all the goodness nutrients infuse into their water. Best part for […]

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Healthy Soccer Snacks


Healthy Soccer Snacks or any Sports Teams Eat healthy snacks The other day at Soccer, a mom brought doughnuts and gatorade. Yikes! Just Crazy. Another time after basketball, parents handed out Foot Long Fruit Candy, Twix candy bars and Coke. Eek! I try and have my kids help make the snacks, this way they are […]

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Fit Kids TV: Apple Surprise