Fit Kids Gear

Motivate your child to love being fit and active at a young age. Studies show that children need a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise each and every day. Part of which should be muscle strengthening activities.


Make Your Own Naturally Flavored Water


My daughter’s favorite drink bottle to take to school, sports, anywhere. They LOVE this! They love to fill the cartridge with their favorite fruit, freeze it and then put it in the water bottle to watch the water turn color of the fruit as all the goodness nutrients infuse into their water. Best part for […]

Jump Rope Kit for Kids

Make Your Own Colorful Jump Rope Kit


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Fit Stick Game


Buy Fit Kids Pick-a-Stick Game So much fun! Every year at my daughter’s school, I put on a Fit Kids After School Boot Camp. We meet after school on the blacktop. We start off by making and eating healthy after school snacks such as organic fruit in ice cream cones. After our snack, I lead […]

kiana-fitkids exer band

Fit Kids Exer Band


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