5 EXERCISES FOR KIDS & TEENS fitkids.kiana.com

5 Basic Exercises Every Kid & Teen Should Learn


Kids & Teens Start Exercising Now :) Yeah!

Why? You’ll be stronger, more confident, perform in sports much better

5 EXERCISES FOR KIDS & TEENS fitkids.kiana.com

Yes! It’s safe for all ages to learn proper form.  Use little or no weight to start.

Fit Mom, Ann, brings her grandson to the eGym.  He has become a little Fit Kid, getting the play weights to set up like we do. He rolls the big weights to his GMA.

Fit Mom Ann brings her grandson to the eGym. He grabs the play weights right when he comes.

Fit Mom Ann brings her grandson to the eGym. He grabs the play weights right when he comes.  Rolls the big weights.

Motivate your children to love health and fitness at an early age

My youngest daughter, Kiana Jr., watches and works out with me on Kiana’s Flex Appeal using a teddy bear as the weight :) Awwww.

Kiana Jr. Working out with Kiana Mommy Flex Appeal TV

Kiana Jr. Working out with Kiana Mommy Flex Appeal TV


I am so proud of you for reading this post.   I receive many emails asking if it’s okay for kids and teens to lift weights.  On my television show, Kiana’s Flex Appeal, I created a Fit Kids to Seniors Segment that showed ages 8-80 working out.

The main thing to remember is that children should use very little (1 – 2lbs.) or NO weight UNTIL they master PROPER FORM.  Not almost, not pretty good, but STRICT FORM.  The main focus should be mastering correct form BEFORE adding any weight whatsoever.

Jumping rope is an EXCELLENT way to build up cardiovascular endurance, improve hand eye coordination and agility.  Check out our FIT KIDS & TEENS SHOP

5 EXERCISES FOR KIDS & TEENS fitkids.kiana.com

My 8 year old daughter does squats, arm curls, lunges and has done over 256 chin ups to date (even in her PJs!)  She also works out with my television show Kiana’s Flex Appeal which is so cute :)


My oldest daughter is a brand new TEEN, just turned 13.  She plays basketball and rides her horse.  I’ve taught her exercises to strengthen the muscles used in basketball and horseback riding, too.

5 Exercises for Kids & Teens to Learn.  Improve posture! Confidance! Self Esteem! Performance in sports: soccer, basketball, horseback riding, football, baseball...


1. Fit Kids & Teens Super Hero Stance: this is the basic stance for every exercise

2. Squat Variations: strengthen the legs, butt, hamstrings.

3. Chest Press: strengthens the chest, shoulders, triceps

4. Swimmers: strengthen the back, shoulders, core

5. Side Raises: strengthen the side head of the deltoids

Bonus :) Fit Teen & Fit Mom Workout

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Beginner Basic Workout

Nutrition is important! Eat healthy to be super strong & fit!

Check out these yummy snacks to make yourself! It’s fun! Aloha!


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