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14 Healthy Snacks for Your Fit Kids to Make & Eat


If they help make it, they will eat it.

Fun to Make, Fun to Eat

Inspire your children to love healthy foods at a young age.

Kiana Tom and daughter running on the beach

I shot myself in the foot.

With my first child, I shot myself in the foot. Meaning, because she was my first baby, I did anything and everything for her, including making 3 different types of foods if she didn’t like the first one. Catered to her every desire: too hot? I’ll cool it down.  Too cold? I’ll heat it up.  Too crunchy? I’ll soften it up.  Not sweet enough? More honey! Eek! Crazy I know. Now she is the pickiest eater ever and it’s a daily struggle to undo what I did. If you’re a Mom or Dad, you know exactly what I mean!

Kiana Tom Daughter Anelalani Hula Hoop and Ball

My 2nd daughter is a different story. She eats anything I make and loves it! Here are some of both of their favorite healthy snacks (approved by both) Hope your kids love them too!~ If you have any to share, please post!

Kiana Tom daughter Jumping rope

Apple Sammy

Use apple slices for the bread. Make mini crunchy healthy sandwiches. So cute! Here we made a PB&J with apple slices & almonds.


Protein Bombs

Scramble some eggs, add cheese, dice up whatever you have on hand: turkey, spinach, etc. Bake in muffin tins for hand size protein bombs! Kids love these for breakfast too!

Kiana Tom Protein Bombs

Fun Fruit Kabobs

chop your kids’ favorite fruit, put on wooden skewer (I always snip off the sharp point).  Serve with mini bowls of protein rich low sugar Greek yogurt mixed with organic honey for the protein fun factor.

Kiana Tom youngest daughter, Kiana Jr. Fruit Kabobs Recipe Video

Fit Mom Fruit Kabobs - Healthy Soccer Snacks -

Fruit Kabobs are a healthy fun snack for sports too!

PB Burrito

Fun to make, healthy to eat. Also great to eat in the car because it’s so neatly wrapped up (just don’t put too much Peanut Butter.) Simply spread your favorite natural peanut butter (remember: Peanut butter should ONLY contain peanuts and a little salt. Nothing else.) on a soft tortilla and roll a banana inside. Eat like a burrito or sliced in half. Good to go!

Fit Kids PBB Burrito

Tiny Crunchy Munchies

My kids love tiny, crunchy foods and love to dip! I put out tiny mini carrots, small crunchy peppers, tiny grape tomatoes, tiny quartered hard boiled eggs, tiny diced cheese (see the pattern? keyword: tiny-crunchy tiny multi grain crackers, small celery, thinly sliced apples and a side of dips: hummus, ranch (mix with plain yogurt for protein, not sour cream), yogurt mixed with salsa. Tip: try to use dips that have protein. (Oh, the brie is for me.  Funny, now the kids say, “Mommy, I prefer Havarti.” Oh okay.



Kiana Tom Fit Snacks

The bottom picture is one I posted on my Instragram, enjoying sunset appetizers with the family.

Fit Kids Pizza

So easy and fast to make. Simply buy a pizza crust at the grocery store OR if you have more time, buy the ready made pizza dough in the cold section of the store and let the kids roll their own. They have both white dough and wheat dough. Either works. Chop of colorful veggies and brown some lean ground turkey (I make a couple lbs of lean ground turkey once per week and keep in the frig to use during the week.) Let the kids put the sauce on, cheese, whatever veggies they want. Of course, my kids have to split it in 1/2 so they can put the veggies “THEY” want on each side :)  This also saves well in the refrigerator for easy snacks or to take for lunch. Cold pizza is the bomb. (Remember those college days?)

Fit Kids Pizza

Kiana Tom daughter making Fit Kids Pizza

Kiana Tom daughters cooking

People Eater

Slice chop and dice various fruit and veggies. Have your kids make People and Eat them! Hahah! Fun!  I made the demo one below, check out my gorgeous long string cheese hair, celery blueberry dumbbell weights!  And my grape high tops!

Fun Fit Kids Food Art: Love the blueberry dumbbells!

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So cute! This little girl added a string cheese jump rope :) Look at the cute little hair bow made out of carrot and a tiny blueberry! I Love it!


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So cute! This little girl added blueberry balls in her carrot hands :)

 Also try Food Art

Kiana Tom Fit Kids Food Art Healthy Snacks

Fruity Butter Fly

Cutest Fruit Flies you’ll ever see or eat! Use stick pretzels, mini carrots, sliced apples for the wings, decorate with raisins, berries

Fit Kids Fruit Butterflies



Fit Spiders

A big hit at my Fit Kids Camps around Halloween. No explanation needed, right?

Fit Kids Edible Spiders Kiana Tom Fit Foods


Fruit Cones

Always a fun favorite! Chop organic fruit, Greek yogurt mixed with no sugar added jams and honey.  Layer in a colorful ice cream cones! So healthy, refreshing and fun to eat!



Natural Fruit Juice

My kids and the students that join my Fit Kids Club, love to make naturally flavored water.  They simply load the Infusion Bottle Cartridge with their favorite sliced fruit, add water and watch the water turn color and load up with nutrients. The flavor is amazing and my kids now think regular juice is “too sweet!” Score 1 for Fit Mom Kiana

Kiana Jr. puts her fruit loaded cartridge into her Infusion Bottle before school.

Infusion Bottles

If you make it, they will eat it

Loved that movie. Kevin Costner was so handsome! I find that if I make a beautiful platter of fruit, they will eat it. Try freezing the grapes, too! Whatever your family doesn’t finish, load into the Fruit Infusion Cartridges in the Detox Bottles and make your own naturally flavored waters!

Kiana Fruit Plate

Sliced Whole Food Bars

Doesn’t get simpler than this. I like to slice up my Kiana Bars into little pieces for the kids. It’s fun to eat and tastes like dessert! This is my 1st flavor: Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, made with 100% all natural ingredients: Organic almonds, flax, cashews, gluten free oats. 13g protein in each bar. I had these made because I couldn’t find a bar I felt good about giving to my kids, that my kids liked to eat. Most super healthy bars like mine tasted to dry like birdseed or chalky. My bars are slightly crunchy, slight chewy. Not too sweet but can pass as a guilt free decadent dark chocolate dessert for me. I often eat this as a meal replacement or pre/post workout. Always have these in the car, purse, kids back packs.  Details or order here.


Hope you got some good ideas for your Fit Kids!

Please post any healthy snacks your kids love. Have a fit day! Aloha! Kiana XO

Kiana Tom and daughter running on the beach